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Are the skulls unique?

All the skulls in the Enigma Series are unique one of one designs. Next to that, all skulls have been handmade by Spike himself. Any series Spike will release in the future, will have one of one designs as well, making your skull truly unique in all ways possible. Spike's skulls are great pieces of art for collectors, ingraved with a unique serial number and Spike's autograph to ensure authenticity.

What is the price range for the skulls?

Spike's handcrafted skulls in the Enigma series range from €2150-€5500. If you want a custom made skull, pricing might vary based on used materials and hours of work. If you want the price of a specific skull design, do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you use real human skulls?

No. All skulls are made with a bronze base.

Can I place a custom design order?

Yes you can. Send us an e-mail through the contact form, and Spike himself will get back to you ASAP. Be wary that custom work can be costly, and Spike will not start work before initial payment is done.

Are the skulls high quality?

Every skull leaving Spike's workshop is truly the best it can be. No cheap materials are used, and plastic is a forbidden word. All skulls are made through a process of bronze pouring, making all skulls on the heavier side and having tons of detail.

Where do you ship to?

Every order is a unique process, so that means Spike ships to any place in the world that couriers allow. If you live somewhat close to him, you might be in luck and have your skull handed to you in person by him. Keep in mind that with pieces of art within this price range, shipping is an additional cost.

Don't hesitate to contact us