The Art of Skulls

Welcome to the Enigma series crafted by Spike.

A first series of handcrafted skulls, one of one designs. Take home a piece of art that shines through luxury, power, roughness, and a dystopian yet meticulously designed look.



One of one designs. No skull is the same, making them truly unique and valuable.



All skulls are made through handwork. From the bronze pouring to the stone laying. Spike works on all skulls from start to finish.



Skulls by Spike are true art collectors' pieces. Their scarcity and designs will prove them timeless for the collectors that love art with a rough side.



Want something truly custom-made for you? Contact Spike with your inquiry and create the design of your dreams, one stone at a time.

Meet the designs

Welcome; Gladiator.

Gladiator has been in fierce battles but conquered them all. His roughness portrays the true signs of a warrior. Hard, powerful, yet stylish.

Meet the designs

Pink Lady. A woman with enchanting powers.

She will mesmorize anyone who looks at her. A true power figure. Lay your eyes on her and forget anything and everything you thought you knew. Her history shines through the winnings she displays proudly on her bones. Just never forget that she is the one in charge.

Contact Spike

Inquiries or custom design requests? E-mail Spike.